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US war crimes in Iran, Vietnam, Chile, Iraq etc.

  • Für den Vietnam-Krieg errichtete die CIA eine verborgene Stadt mitten im Dschungel von Laos. Sie hatte 100.000 Einwohner, von ihrem Rollfeld hoben mehr Flugzeuge ab, als vom Flughafen Chicago - doch nicht einmal der US-Kongress war eingeweiht. Von Jürgen Kremb (et)

  • NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF (NYT, July 6, 2008): Truth Commision for US War Crimes. When a distinguished American military commander accuses the United States of committing war crimes in its handling of detainees, you know that we need a new way forward. “There is no longer any doubt as to whether the current administration has committed war crimes,” Antonio Taguba, the retired major general who investigated abuses in Iraq, declares in a powerful new report on American torture from Physicians for Human Rights. “The only question that remains to be answered is whether those who ordered the use of torture will be held to account.”

    It’s a national disgrace that more than 100 inmates have died in American custody in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantánamo. After two Afghan inmates were beaten to death by American soldiers, the American military investigator found that one of the men’s legs had been “pulpified.” Moreover, many of the people we tortured were innocent: the administration was as incompetent as it was immoral. The McClatchy newspaper group has just published a devastating series on torture and other abuses, and it quotes Thomas White, the former Army secretary, as saying that it was clear from the moment Guantánamo opened that one-third of the inmates didn’t belong there. McClatchy says that one inmate, Mohammed Akhtiar, was known as pro-American to everybody but the American soldiers who battered him. Some of his militant fellow inmates spit on him, beat him and called him “infidel,” all because of his anti-Taliban record.
    These abuses happened partly because, for several years after 9/11, many of our national institutions didn’t do their jobs. The Democratic Party rolled over rather than serving as loyal opposition. We in the press were often lap dogs rather than watchdogs, and we let the public down.

    Book Cites Secret Red Cross Report of C.I.A. Torture of Qaeda Captives
    The Red Cross concluded that C.I.A. interrogation methods constituted war crimes, placing Bush administration officials in danger of prosecution, according to a book to be published next week.

  • Das Massaker in Korea
    nach 58 Jahren aufgedeckt

  • My Lai - Das Massaker vor 40 Jahren

  • The Myth of the Hue-Massacre (pdf)
    by Edward Herman and D. Gareth Porter (Ramparts, Volume 13, No. 8, May-June 1975) As HTML.
    Vietnam War Bibliography: The Huê Massacre
    The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman, 1979:
    The Hue Police Chief Doan Cong Lap shortly after the Tet-Offensive estimated the VC-victims to be about 200 whereas US-Senator William Saxbe in 1972 talked about 7000 alleged victims. Oriana Fallaci stated that most intellectuals in Hue favored the Vietcong and insinuated that they might have been killed after the collapse of the offensive by Saigon troops.
    Wikipedia states: Three professors, members of the West German Cultural Mission who taught at the Hue Faculty of Medicine, and the wife of one of the professors, were abducted and murdered by the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong during their attack on Hue during the Tet Offensive (Feb. 1968). Their bodies, along with those of scores of Vietnamese civilians, who also were slain by the Communist attackers, were found April 5 in mass graves near Hue. The slain Germans were Professor and Mrs. Horst-Guenther and Elisabeth Krainick, Dr. Alois Altekoester, and Dr. Raimund Discher.
    : Interessant ist ein Interview von BBC mit Bui Tin im vergangen Januar. Bui Tin war Oberst der Befreiungsfront bzw. der Armee Nordvietnams und bekannt dadurch, dass er am 30.04.1975 die Kapitulation der Saigoner Regierung im Presidentpalast (Dinh Doc Lap) entgegenahm.

    Bui Tin sagte, dass er noch während der Tet-Offensive intern von den Vorfällen unterrichtet wurde (Er war bei der Armee-Presseabteilung). Erst später war er selbst überrascht von der großen Zahl der zwischen 3.000 bis 4.000 ermordeten Zivilisten. Woher die Zahl kam ist nicht bekannt. Daraufhin wurde der Befehlshaber der Front in Hue abgesetzt.

    Auf die Frage warum diese Zivilisten ermordet wurden, sagte er: Es gab keinen Plan, die Zivilisten umzubringen. Diese wurden aus der Stadt in die sichere Zone verschleppt, also in das Rückzugsgebiet der Befreiungsfront, meist entlegene Orte in den umliegenen Dschungeln. Unterwegs wurden die Trecks von US- und südvietnamesischen Truppen entdeckt und u.a. aus der Luft verfolgt. Darauf hin wurden Zivilisten umgebracht, damit diese die geheimen Rückzugsgebiete nicht mehr verraten können. Auf die Frage wer die Entscheidung getroffen hat, sagt Bui Tin, dass es wohl auf die Angst und die Konfusion der Truppenanführer zurückzuführen ist, dass diese die Ermordung veranlasst haben. Es sei nicht von "ganz oben" angeordnet worden.

    Wie zuverlässig seine Insider-Information ist, kann man nicht überprüfen. Interessant ist nur, dass Bui Tin schon lang bei der vietnamesischen Führung in Ungnade gefallen ist. Er musste wohl Vietnam verlassen und lebt deshalb in Frankreich.

    Hier kann man lesen und sich den gesamten Interview anhören, leider nur in vietnamesisch: BBC.
    Bui Tin Interviewed by Stephen Young
    Bui Tin:
    From Saigon surrender to French exile: an officer's bitter way.
    Bui Tin has just published in French an updated version of a 1992 book in English, "Following Ho Chi Minh: Memoirs of a North Vietnamese", a powerful exposure of official Vietnamese corruption and arrogance, coupled with a passionate plea in favour of tolerance and democracy.
    Bui Tin: Vietnam's independence leader was a hero to his countrymen, a wise uncle to friends and a monster to enemies: Ho Chi Minh (TIME 100: AUGUST 23-30, 1999 VOL. 154 NO. 7/8).

  • What about John McCain's claim of having been tortured in Hanoi? (A Special Dossier)

  • Then Vice-President L.B. Johnson main plotter in John F. Kennedy's assassination? 
    E. Howard Hunt
    died. He just had been preparing for publication of "American Spy: My Secret History in the CIA, Watergate and Beyond," released this month. He  identified key players to his son and speculated that then-Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was responsible for moving the venue to Dallas, where the Texan could control the security scene. But the memoir's published passages about the assassination have an equivocal tone. Hunt provides only a hypothetical scenario of how events in Dallas might have unfolded, with Lyndon B. Johnson atop a pyramid of rogue CIA plotters. His sons  insist their father related to them a detailed plot to assassinate Kennedy. Hunt told them he was approached by the conspirators to join them but declined, they say. That information was cut from the memoir, the brothers say, because Hunt's attorney warned he could face perjury charges if he recanted sworn testimony. They are writing a script about the father, and are shopping for a publisher for their father's account of CIA involvement in the Kennedy shooting. (Los Angeles Times, 20.3.07). Don't forget: Johnson was the main culprit for the extension of the Vietnam conflict into a major war that cost millions of lives, including 52,000 Americans. Do you remember the slogan: "LBJ-LBJ - how many kids did you kill today?" It started with the murder of the president.


East Timor: Kissinger gave OK for bloody occupation. The former Indonesian ambassador to Australia, Sabam Siagian, said Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger had visited Jakarta just before the invasion of East Timor and had told President Suharto that the plans for East Timor were acceptable as long as the operation was done “quickly and cleanly.” But, Mr. Siagian said, “it was neither quick nor clean.” (A Book About East Timor Jabs Indonesia’s Conscience - New York Times, 16.8.06).

Richard Nixons und Henry Kissingers Atombombenpläne gegen Vietnam. Madman im Weißen Haus (SPIEGEL, 2.8.06).

Haiti - Colin Powell's Crime in Progress by The Black Commentator, 6 Dec. 2004

U.S. Regime Change, Torture, and Murder in Chile
by Jacob G. Hornberger, November 24, 2004

Bush und Blair haben ca. 100.000 Tote im Irak auf dem Gewissen:
Lancet 2004; 364: 1857-64, published Oct. 29, 2004

All the Shah's Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror; Stephen Kinzer; John Wiley & Sons: 258 pp., $24.95


Vietnam killing spree revelations shock US
by Paul Harris, The Observer, 26.10.03
See The Toledo Blade series about the "Tiger Force": 

Elite unit savaged civilians in Vietnam 

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Fragging Bob: Bob Kerrey, CIA War Crimes,
And The Need For A War Crimes Trial
by Douglas Valentine in Counterpunch

Bob Kerrey's My Lai: An Awful Night in Thang Phong (New York Times Magazine)

Bob Kerrey and Gerhard Klann interviewed by CBS 60 Minutes II

Thang Phong revisited (Washington Post)

The SEAL's denial (Washington Post)

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Vietnam's response: Kerrey should take actions to contribute to healing the wounds of war in Vietnam

Geplanter Vietnam-Rückzug: Ursache für Kennedys Ermordung

Daniel Ellsberg: Secrets (1st chapter): Gulf of Tonkin Affair

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