Isioma Daniel's Norway Diary
(published by cbc.ca)

Mother goose is scared
(May 1, 2005)

-Happy Birthday!!!!
(April 24, 2005)

-The holiday is over
(April 17, 2005)

Mind your Ps and Qs. Please.
(April 7, 2005)

-The Lighter Way to Travel
(April 3, 2005)

-Yellow haze
(March 27, 2005)

-A snowy makeover
(March 18, 2005)

Is feminism dead?
(March 12, 2005)

-A is for Argument
(March 6, 2005)

-Sour grapes
(February 27, 2005)

-Checking out
(February 18, 2005)

-License to scowl
(February 12, 2005)

-I’m off to the sofa
(February 6, 2005)

Rich cousin, poor cousin
(January 30, 2005)

-Let Me Entertain You
(January 21, 2005)

-A Letter Home
(January 13, 2005)

-Losing Friends
(January 6, 2005)

-The Guest-House Rules
(December 30, 2004)

-The Ghosts of Christmases Past
(December 23, 2004)

-Higher learning
(December 16, 2004)

-Naivety… the root of all evil
(December 9, 2004)

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation am 18.4.2005: 
Four Corners -  Miss World and the Mullahs 
featuring interviews with Isioma Daniel, now living in Norway, novelist and fatwa target Salman Rushdie, activist and writer Ken Wiwa, former Miss Canada Lynsey Bennett and Vanity Fair’s Judy Bachrach.

CBC November 14, 2004 Of Fatwas and Beauty Queens

Isioma Daniel: Få asylsøkere velger retur. En ny rapport viser at bortfall av botilbud for avviste asylsøkere ikke har fått flere til å velge frivillig retur. (aftonbladet, 24.6.05)

RONDI ADAMSON (The Sikh Times) 
Don't Blame the Beauty Queens, Blame Radical Muslims