all for one
high fashion
by isioma dan
aka isioma daniel

2 November 2002


Choosing the perfect swimsuit is always going to be a problem for most women. Mainly because they don't see why it should be a problem. "How difficult can it be to choose a swimsuit? After all its not rocket science." It might not be rocket science, but it is a science. And the women who ignore the rules usually end up being the ones who tie a massive beach towel round them or sit on their beach chairs because they are too shy to catwalk round the pool.

If you are busty and curvaceous a one piece swimsuit is for you. Bikinis were created for androgynous female figures - you know, girls with the figures of boys. No hips and no breasts. One piece swimsuits are more flattering to fuller figures. And they have moved on from the frumpy image they once had. If you still want to look sexy on the sand, you can find a swimsuit that is tasteful. Bikinis are actually quite boring, if you think about it. But one piece suits have given a lot of designers room to experiment. A clever slash on the waist, can show just a little bit of skin. Or a deep V-neck is another option. Also if you are the sporty type then you have no problem. Adidas and Nike have a wide range of styles to suit you.

But if you are the woman who likes to look good, lounge by the pool and not put a single manicured toe in the water then you might want to 'invest' in the stunning white number that Naomi Campbell has on. She wears a Julian MacDonald suit with Movawad Mondera 60 carat diamonds on them, valued at nearly $12 million. Now that's a solo act to rival a bikini anytime.

Tips on choosing a swimsuit
1) When you go to pick out a swimsuit, take a friend with you. You simply can't look at all the angles on your body. Have someone along who will give you good advice and who won't point and laugh (too much.)

Keep in mind that professional models have a whole entourage to make sure they have perfect make-up, hair, and lighting and after all that, they still are airbrushed. You're not going to look like Tyra Banks. Just settle on being the best you can be.

2) Getting back to that ravages of gravity thing...if you don't go braless in public normally, get a swimsuit with built in support. Also, the same advice goes for you that goes for the serious athletic swimmer - forget about string bikinis.

3) Do a little pre-shopping work-out. If your body isn't perfect plan for the day you're going to go swimsuit shopping. Do some ab-crunches everyday. Every swimsuit will look better with your tummy a little tighter.

4) Look for flat and locked stitches on the suit. Serious swimmers want this because this helps prevent drag. The rest of us want this because it helps prevent chaffing around the legs and in the shoulder area. Stretch the elastic in your hands a few times to ensure it's durable and doesn't stretch without retracting firmly.

5) Try as many different styles as you need to.

6) Always try on a suit before you buy. All cuts are different, and not all brands have the same fit. Ideally it should stretch well over the body, but not so much that it pulls or cuts into your skin. Also, keep in mind that designers sizing charts vary.

7) Sometimes the top and bottom part of you are not necessarily the same size. Check into some stores that will sell these portions separately...assuming you want a two piece. These new fabrics act like body shapers and make me look much better than I thought I could. If you can only buy one size, buy the larger size. Nothing makes you less attractive than too tight. A little big and you can always comment on having lost weight.

8) To check the fit of the bottoms, kneel down. If it rides up...well...if it rides up your bum (and it's not a thong) consider one size larger.

For a proper fitting top draw a line with your finger from under your arm (where your breast begins) all the way under your breast to the center...the wire of your bra in your suit should match this imaginary line. If the wires are too short or too long, or if you notice unsightly bulges either on the side or on top of your breast it's time to consider a top that holds your breasts better.

Shoulder straps and bra backs are easy to alter if you need them shortened or the bra back tightened. Your main concern should be with the wire and how it lays under your breast. Finally, remember that swimsuits can either enhance or camaflouge your figure, but you're never going to hide everything. Big neon floral prints are not good for camaflouge. If you want to downplay your hips, try a dark solid color on the bottom and put the color and pattern on top.


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